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The Band: Phase 7

"Allow myself to introduce... myself"
The Band: Phase 7
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Here I'll have the Bios of the guys in the band, with short little descriptions, and possibly little sound bytes of us.

Phase 7 is a punk infused band with influences ranging from Emo to Robert Gulet.

Alien beauty queen
Lead Vocals, Guitar, and primary writer.
Josh is currently working on a novel, chatting up friends on the internet, and is perfecting songs for the band.

Bass Guitar, back up vocals, drinker.
As all bass drivin music, Jeremy drives the band. Humorous and always drinking, he ensures that we all have fun.

Eyeguy wants to be friends

Guitar, Back up Vocals, me.
I am currently messing around on the internet, lookin for a way to promote the band, and such...

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