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"Allow myself to introduce... myself"
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My Writing or Artwork

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Write or Die, essays, old blogs, or just morning Haiku... ok, maybe not the Haiku, but the other stuff is real!!!

Untitled Essay


Escaping, evading, losing its number, forgetting your name. lost in the pit, the abyss of my heart the blood in my veins, pumping thumping, burning with rage, desire, and lust. For you for her, for them to come, them to be there in the dark lost in the wind carry me softly slowly in your dreams, I’ll come back to life when I’m there with you lost in the sky falling without love, tumbling down the hill to the ground I’ll meet you six feet under; down in my grave. Flowers and dirt and all. So come see me down below, the devil will put on the grandest of shows. How you put me here as I put me on my own way up to heaven on to the clouds falling before the gate, hitting the ground. Lava, fills the pores, the skin, follicles of hair, burning/scorching smelling burnt and lame. Peels the skin from my eyes so I can see; lift me up one more time up from under the deep… sleep lost in intruige lost in soul forgotten my name your number; my grave…

;The Flash 2005;